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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Hiring a virtual transaction coordinator is a big step for any business owner. Like any important business decision it is vital to weigh the cost benefit / ROI for a new investment.

While every business owner has thier own unique reasons, we've found that a primary motivator of our clients is the time gained and used on more profitable & enjoyable activities.

It is estimated that an agent gains an average of 15+ hours for each transaction with the assistance of a TC. No more hours wasted chasing paper, repeatedly following up with co-brokes, or sending emails. Depending on your production, that could really add up quickly to more free time than you know what to do with!

Don't worry, we've got some ideas on how you can spend all of this new free time:

Keeping in touch and strengthening relationships is vital for your business.

More time = better service. Be exceptional.

Your pipeline can never have too many fresh leads. Spend more time prospecting.

Have a robust lead generating system? That's only half the battle. Spend more time converting & closing.

This needs no explanation. Spend your time where it matters most.

Growing, evolving, and improving takes time. Free some up and get to work.

A happy agent is a productive agent. Are you making time to explore, relax, and enjoy the world outside of the office?

Are you ready to start reclaiming your time? Ask us how much time ATCS can save you and your business today.

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